Parties de chasse en Sologne -1979-

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Cast: Brigitte Lahaie, Catherine Leno, Celine Gallone, Daniele David, France Lomay, Karine Gambier, Marilyn, Jess, Maroussia

The woman, the owner of a large country house (Katerin Leno), hosts many guests who stay overnight for duck hunting.
When they come, she is in the midst of sexual comfort with her servants.
Two girls (one of whom is Marilyn Jess) prepared her chauffeur so that they had sex with each other. The two of them mate on the bed when the first guests come in.
In the film, there are many different sexual games. Male males make a blowjob while shooting at birds in flight and during the game of the card. Bridget Laye has sex with a man on the couch (in the “dog” position), while all others are watching before they go to dinner. After dinner, there is a sexual game of hide and seek. Pleasantly spent time, and almost for everyone, and it was all.


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