Women seeking Women #9

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Starring: Julie, Karin, Veronika, Simony, Gina

Previous volumes of Women Seeking Women have been both praised and criticized for the foo-foo approach this series takes in revealing bona fide Sapphic lovemaking. The truth of the matter lies somewhere in between. As one might expect, romance dominates the proceedings in Women Seeking Women 9. Joe Average will probably skip the touchy-feely dialogue/extended kissing and head directly to the rug munching, only to discover that hardcore shots are few and distributed, like well-chosen adjectives in a Hemingway novel, with judicious care. The resulting effect is a refreshing change from typical lesbian scenes, which tend to pad out in the majority of standard adult titles. The girls bring each other to climax in real time, which is neither as quick nor as frenzied as traditionally accepted sequences. Toy play is kept to a minimum, but a strap-on is used to good effect in a sequence with an older couple.

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